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Taxi in Paris

It's often the case that you arrive with the first flight of the morning or with the last flight of the night and above all, in these cases you have the pleasure of being accompanied directly to the Hotel, without having to worry about travel. Or simply, you don't want to go around with your suitcases in search of the metro or the bus and you prefer to start the journey in a serene and relaxing way. In both cases, it is advisable to book a taxi, which takes you from the airport directly to your destination.

Travel in a private taxi in Paris

The advantages of travelling by Taxi

Travelling by Taxi has many advantages, whether it is a Parisian Taxi for the city centre or a Private Taxi to and from the airport. Most of all, if you are in a group, it allows you to split a lot of costs and to travel with the maximum comfort. It allows you to get directly to your desired destination, without having to change subway or bus. Moreover, using a taxi in Paris is very convenient if you travel at night, when the metro and other public transport are out of service.

Differences between: Private Taxi, Parisian Taxi, Shared Taxi and Illegal Taxi

There are basically four different types of Taxi: the Private Taxi (which can be booked on this page), the Parisien Taxi, the Shared Taxi (shuttle) and the illegal Taxi. The Private Taxi is a Taxi that can be booked online, that guarantees a fixed price and a driver that comes to pick you up directly in arrivals at the airports, with a sign in their hand that bears your name. Parisien Taxi are the public taxis of Paris, very recommendable for journeys in the city that also provide connections to and from airports. In this circumstance, they are taken directly from the airports and do not apply a fixed price, so the final price can vary a lot depending on the traffic. Parisian Taxis can also be booked online, but also in this event, it is necessary to bear in mind that the final cost may vary and you will have to pay a supplement of 1 euro per suitcase plus a supplement of 0.5% for online booking. However, by booking a private Taxi at Tourleader you will have no booking costs and you will save on the price of the transfer, with the certainty of travelling at a fixed price, which remains locked at the time of booking. However, the shuttle service is a taxi service that allows you to save money by sharing a ride with other passengers. Read all the information in our article Airport Shuttle; To finish, there are illegal taxis that you will find in the entrances of the airports; we discourage the use of this type of service, since the drivers are not licensed and do not make a real discount on prices. In addition, they use non-conforming equipment.

Private Taxi Benefits

  Online bookings accepted 24h;

  Lock in the price; 

  For your convenience, you pay the driver in cash.; 

  Experienced drivers;

  Comfortable transportation;

  Takes you to the destination of your choice;

  Book now and save

Differences between private taxi and shuttle

Tourleader, offers two types of travel to and from the airport: private taxi and shuttle. In both cases: a driver picks you up at the airport and accompanies you to the accommodation or the address indicated by you at the time of booking (or vice versa). The substantial difference lies in the fact that private taxis are reserved exclusively for you and your family, while the shuttle is shared with other passengers. Obviously, the shuttle is the economic service, which unites the comfort of transport to your accommodation, but with prices very similar to those of the bus. The other difference between private taxis and the shuttle, is in the meeting point. In fact, the driver of the private taxi will wait for you directly at the airport arrivals, with a sign in his hand that bears your name. In fact, in the case of the shuttle, all passengers have to present themselves at a meeting point in front of the arrivals and the driver will be there waiting for them with a flag bearing the logo of the transport company. 

Distances in Km between Paris - Airports - DisneyLand

  Charles de Gaulle Airport/Paris centre: 25 km;

  Orly Airport/Paris Centre: 16 km;

  Beauvais Airport/Paris centre: 100 km;

  Charles de Gaulle Airport/DisneyLand: 44 km;

  Orly Airport/DisneyLand: 48 km;

  Beauvais Airport/DisneyLand: 125 km;

Taxi service meeting points

In the case of the private Taxi, the driver waits for you in front of the arrivals of the airport with a sign that bears your name. However, the Taxi Parisen station is just outside the airport. As far as the shuttle meeting point is concerned: the driver waits for his passengers in front of the arrivals inside the airport next to the information centre or next to the Brioche Dorée Bar. This chain of bars is very famous and very common throughout the city, if due to flight delays you have to wait for the next shuttle, you can wait inside the bar and taste an exquisite croissant or pain au chocolate

From €9 person

Orly Airport Taxi

Orly Airport Taxi

Book in advance a private taxi to and from Orly airport and enjoy meet and greet service included...

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