The Louvre Tour

The Louvre Tour

Is exploring the Louvre too tiring? Not with a guide by your side!

The Louvre Tour

Are you thinking that visiting the Louvre can be exhausting? Are you afraid of wandering through the impressive number of exhibits and wondering if you can see the most important ones? We have the solution for you! All the most important pieces are at your fingertips. You will end the tour with a smile and above all, with no pain in your feet! This is the only way to love the museum, discover it without stress and, most of all, avoid getting lost among the multitude of visitors and the often unclear directions to the artworks. Eliminate these problems and visit the Louvre Museum accompanied by an expert guide who speaks your language.

What is included in the Tour?

  • Adult 90 euros (it may vary);
  • Length: 3 hours;
  • Guided tour + Personal English guide;
  • Guide reserved only for you or your family (minimum 2 people and maximum 5); 
  • You choose when to start (from 9am to 2pm);
  • Every day except Tuesday; (it may vary)
  • Fill in the form on this page to book the Louvre Museum Tour.


The costs vary depending on the number of participants. For example: if you travel as a couple, it will cost 90 euros per person; if your group is made up of three people, each participant will pay 60 euros. The more you are, the more you save! The maximum number of participants per tour is five. To check the updated prices, please fill in the free booking form on this page. Prices include: Three-hour guided tour with an English guide (excluding entrance to the Museum).

Four good reasons

  • Speaks your language;
  • Fast track!
  • In a couple of hours, you'll discover more than you would a whole day on your own
  • Choose what you want to visit


Where can I find the guide?

Your personal guide will be waiting for you at the time you requested, exactly in front of the main entrance of the Louvre. The queue to visit the museum is always very long: you know when it starts, but not when it ends. Are you excited about visiting the Louvre, but don't want to waste precious time? No problem! In fact, for the Louvre tour participants there are no long queues. You will have the possibility, accompanied by your official guide, to enter beforehand. Therefore, you will have the pleasure of entering directly from the glass pyramid square, the most fascinating entrance and also usually the most crowded.

Highlights of the visit

Recent studies in the tourism sector have concluded that one month is not enough to visit the Louvre. In fact, visiting the museum with an official guide optimises time. You will end your experience inside the museum, enriched by notions and curiosities that you would never have thought about. In fact, the duty of a guide is to transform a simple visit into an experience that enriches and leaves a mark on visitors. You will have the pleasure of discovering the area dedicated to Greek and Roman antiquities, particularly focused on some of the most important works: "Venus" by Milo and "Victoria" by Samothrace. Here is a specific tour of the Italian masterpieces of Cimabue, Giotto, Da Vinci and many more. In this particular case too, there will be a specific focus on Leonardo's "The Mona Lisa", Giotto's "St. Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata" and Veronese's "The Wedding at Cana". Don't forget that your guide is not only an expert person, but is above all a pleasant companion to whom to address all questions and queries. Obviously, he won't forget to talk to you about the famous French pieces, especially Delacroix and his famous painting "The freedom that guides the people". You will have the opportunity to see firsthand Canova's "La Psique reanimada por el beso del amor", Michelangelo's sculptures, Apollo's Gallery, and even the royal apartments. Do you wonder how this is possible? All this in three hours? Will our guide be able to show you the very best of the Louvre? Of course!  A personal guide is able to give an added value to your trip, because it optimises time and enriches your experience.

Getting to the Louvre

Getting to the museum is very easy and you can use different bus or metro stops: read all the details in our article Louvre Museum.

How to book your guide at the museum

To make the booking and check the availability on the day and time requested, fill in the free booking form on this page. Just a few seconds are enough: enter the date, the number of people and the system will automatically calculate the price of the tour. In order to confirm your booking, you will be asked to make a small deposit via credit card. In a short while, you will receive a confirmation e-mail via credit card. You will not have to print any type of ticket, because all the information of your request will be automatically communicated to our official guide. 

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The unofficial guide can not access the attractions. However, visit the best places (even secrets) normally unknown to tourists.

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