In order to keep this web page working properly, as happens on most other web sites, we use small files called cookies which are stored on your device.  Almost all web sites make use of this completely legal technique. 

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a web page stores on a computer or other device.  It enables the web site to record the actions and preferences of the user, (such as the login, language, font size and other display preferences) for a period of time so that they do not have to be reissued each time you return to the website.  

How do we use Cookies? 

The main purpose for storing cookies is to remember a user's searches to facilitate online advertising.


The server on which this web page is hosted, sends cookies to authenticate the user and if the latter accesses a particular area of the website, they won't need to send the same information again on a later visit.  The access information is stored on a cookie in such a way that the user can enter and exit the web site without having to provide the same authentication information again.  

Session cookies are also used on the server in order to store information about the activities on the web page in such a way that users can easily pick up again from where they left off last time.  The cookies are connected to the server whose web pages will show the user where to continue so that they won't need to search the web page from the start again.  In fact, cookies operate like a kind of "book-mark" inside the web pages.  At the same time, cookies can memorize and sort the necessary information which is required for operating the shopping carts.

Persistent or tracking cookies are also used to memorize users' preferences.  Many web sites enable users to personalize the format and the information which is presented through the website's layout.  These changes make the web page easier to navigate.   

A certain number of our web pages use cookies in order to remember: display preferences, such as, for example, the contrasting color tools and the font sizes, if the user has responded to a pop-up which has asked whether the web content has been useful or not, (so that they won't be requested on future occasions) and if the user is in agreement, or not, to our usage of cookies on this web page. 

Activation of these cookies isn't absolutely necessary for the web page to work but they will provide you with a better browsing experience. It is possible to delete or block these cookies, but in this instance, some functionalities on the web site may not work as intended.

Information from cookies is not used to personally identify the user, (in general).  These cookies are not used for any other purposes than those that have already been described.  


It is possible to view and delete cookies as you wish - for further details, go to:  It is possible to delete all the cookies that have been stored on your computer and it is also possible to set up your browser to prevent the storage of cookies.  If this procedure is followed, however, it may be necessary to manually adjust your preferences each time you log on to the internet and some services and functions may not operate properly.  


  • Share personal information with third parties. 
  • Is never able to identify the user. 

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