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Visit 'La Ville Lumière' with a private guide

Paris Guide

To make your stay in Paris special and exciting, choose to visit the French capital in the company of an official English guide or a companion (unofficial English Guide). In both cases, you will have a real expert at your disposal in Paris, who knows the city like the back of their hand. Get to know every monument, museum, street, boulangerie, every detail of this wonderful city and enrich your experience with stories and interesting facts that will surprise you. It is a chaperone who speaks your language, discreet, friendly, always up to date with the latest news, who will make your journey even more exciting and luminous in the discovery of the "Ville Lumiére". Choose to visit Paris with a English guide and create a tour tailored to your needs.


Four good reasons

  • Speaks your language;
  • Fast track!
  • In a couple of hours, you'll discover more than you would a whole day on your own
  • Choose what you want to visit


Why choose an English guide?

For years we have been offering our customers a qualified tour guide service, which allows us to offer our customers personalized tours that meet specific requirements. A private guide who speaks English is the ideal solution for all those who wish to visit a city in a short time, without sacrificing the quality of their visit. In Paris, as in all European capitals, if the language of the place is not spoken, it becomes more complicated to visit museums, to ask for information, to orientate oneself in the city and to find the most typical places or streets. For this reason, we provide tourists with expert guides who speak their own language. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the problems related to the diversity of languages and to visit all the museums and attractions in English. In the company of a guide, you get to know in just one day what could take three days alone. In addition, having a reference point is important, especially when we are abroad, the guides help to orient you and give very useful information to continue the tour alone in the city in the subsequent days.

Who are the official private guides?

Tourleader's private guides are qualified and well-known guides in French tourism, who can be booked at any time using the "Book your guide now" form on this page. Whether you are alone, in the company of a group of friends, as a couple or with your family, you can visit museums, parks, quarters and monuments of the city, together with the pleasant company of a guide. It will make you discover what you won't find in the usual tourist guides and will even be able to advise you about the shops and places to visit. As an example of a tour: you can ask your guide to take you to the historical and physical heart of Paris, Île de la Cité, and explain the interesting origins of the city, or you can ask him to reserve tickets for you to visit the Louvre Museum and accompany you to its galleries to see its most important works.

Who are the unofficial guides?

For all travellers who do not enjoy visiting museums, but prefer to visit squares, districts and churches, and who would like the company of an expert person in the city to save them time and avoid getting the wrong street: Tourleader offers this type of traveller an economic but high quality guide service. We are talking about a normal private guide, or a person, with a great experience in the city, friendly, discreet and prepared who will accompany you in the discovery of all the hidden and beautiful alleys of the most famous neighborhoods: The Latin quarter, Marais, Montmartre, La Defénse and many more. The normal private guide, creates the most suitable itinerary for you respecting the specific requirements of each client: if you like the parks and forests will accompany you to see the best green areas of Paris, if you are interested in typical French cuisine, will indicate the most special establishments, if you want to discover the best markets in the city will lead you to the most famous markets, and so on.

The difference between a Normal Guide and an Official Guide

With both types of guide, you will be the one who decides the time and place of the meeting for the tour; you will be able to agree with your guide on an itinerary specific to your needs and the tour will always be private, just for you, your family or a group of friends. The only big difference is the fact that an official guide will be able to accompany you inside the museums and the different attractions (including the districts) that Paris can offer, while a normal guide can only accompany you in the discovery of the districts of the city.

Being a tour guide in Paris

English are travelling people, lovers of beauty, good food and art. They are often fascinated by the beauty of Paris, decide to move, look for a house and start a family in this wonderful city of lights. Paris is a city that lives on tourism, keep in mind that the Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world and also the Louvre Museum is on the list of the most visited. Therefore, it is not difficult to find work in this sector. If you have always wanted to be in contact with the public and to be a tourist guide, in this wonderful city you will have the opportunity to make this dream come true.

Requirements to be a guide

There are two different paths to follow if you want to be an official guide in Paris: follow the course of studies and do an internship at the University of Paris or ask for a validation of your English degree. In the first case, it is a course of specific studies based on the territory, for example, if you want to be tourist guides in Paris you will take the course in Paris, if you want to move to Lyon you will have to present your degree and take the specific Lyon exams. However, if you already have a diploma in Languages or Archaeology or more specifically, as a tourist guide, you can accredit your English degree in Paris and take a specific exam and a French language exam.

How to book a private guide

To book a private English guide (official or normal), please fill in the easy-to-use form on this page. Choose the date and time of your visit, choose what you would like to visit between quarters, museums, monuments and much more, cover your personal data and your preferences and voilà. Done! You will see your free quote instantly. To confirm your reservation, just deposit a small amount via credit card and pay the rest directly to your guide in cash. After receiving the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the reservation, with all the data related to your visit and to your private guide. You will not have to print any ticket, you will only have to wait for your guide at the established meeting point, at the time and date you have requested. Make your stay in the city something special, book a personal Paris guide now.

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The unofficial guide can not access the attractions. However, visit the best places (even secrets) normally unknown to tourists.

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