Île de la Cité Tour

Île de la Cité Tour

The wonderful island "Île de la Cité": the historical heart of the city

Île de la Cité Tour

Do you want to see the best of the city? Do you have a short time and don't want to miss any details? You'll have the opportunity to hear fascinating stories from a English guide as you stroll through the streets of the wonderful island "Île de la Cité", the historic heart of the city. The symbols of Paris are numerous, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum, but one of the most outstanding is the Cathedral of Notre Dame, located in the historic heart of the city, on the small island of "Île de la Cité". The history of Paris began precisely on this small island in a time known as Lutetia. In the Tour Île de la Cité, an English guide, completely dedicated to you and your family, will guide you in the discovery of the island, and you will discover the beautiful Cathedral of Notre Dame, and much more.

What is included in the Tour?

  • Adult 90 euros (minimum two people);
  • Length: 2 hours;
  • Personal English guide; 
  • Guided tour of Ile de la Cité, Notre Dame and Cogingerie;
  • Guide reserved only for you and your family; 
  • Choose when to start;
  • Available every day;
  • Fill in the form on this page to book the Île de la Cité Tour .


The cost per person is calculated automatically by filling out the booking form on this page, the price of the tour per person is 90 euros, if you travel in pairs, however if your group is made up of more participants (up to a maximum of five), you will save on the price. The more we are the more we save? Yes, the more you will save. For example, if your group is made up of three participants, each person will pay 60 euros. 

Four good reasons

  • Speaks your language;
  • Fast track!
  • In a couple of hours, you'll discover more than you would a whole day on your own
  • Choose what you want to visit


The prices include:

Three hours of guided tour in the heart of Paris, with an official English guide (excluding Conciergerie tickets). Don't know where to buy the tickets? No problem! To buy tickets, visit the page on this link: Conciergerie tickets. After you have made your purchase, you will receive them immediately in your e-mail address and you can choose to print them or download them to your mobile or tablet. 

Where can I find the guide?

Your personal tour will start wherever you want. You can choose to meet your guide inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame, at the metro stop you arrive at, or at any other point of the Île de la Cité that is more convenient to your requirements.

Places to visit 

The guided tour, which lasts about three hours, includes a walk on the famous island "Île de la Cité", embraced by the course of the Seine; entrance to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful and harmonious Gothic buildings in the city; guided visit to the Sainte Chapelle, located inside the Palace of Justice, known for the beauty of its stained glass windows and for its very high capital covered in lead added to this the first prison in Paris, the guillotine chamber and the two chapels inside, a commemorative of Marie Antoinette.

When to book 

Paris is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, for precisely this reason it is essential to book the guide well in advance. Especially during holidays and holiday breaks, to guarantee a place, it is necessary to book as soon as possible. When should you book a tourist guide in Paris? Just after you have booked your flight and accommodation, book your English guide! You still haven't booked your flight and accommodation? No problem! You will have the opportunity to compare hundreds of hotels in Paris and find the ideal solution in just a few simple clicks: Find a Hotel in Paris. If you haven't booked your flight yet, check the cheapest way to Paris quickly: Search for flights in Paris.

How to book

In order to check the updated prices and make the booking of the tour, fill in the form on this page. Indicate the date you prefer, the number of people and make a small payment by credit card. In a short while, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details of the tour.

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The unofficial guide can not access the attractions. However, visit the best places (even secrets) normally unknown to tourists.

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