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Paris Airport Shuttle

There are a variety of means of transport from Paris airports to the city centre and vice-versa, but without doubt one of the best is the Airport Shuttle. Thanks to the shuttle service, you won't need to leave the airport and you won't waste time looking for the shuttle stop, as the shuttle driver will wait for his passengers directly in front of "Arrivals".

In addition, you will not need to change means of transport, lugging suitcases from one place to the next or try to orient yourself in a city you do not know, as the driver will accompany you to the hotel or to the address that you request. Otherwise, we can say that choosing to travel with the shuttle service, you will have all the efficiency and comfort of the taxi service with the advantage of enjoying a saving on the price. The shuttle service is a comfortable 9 seat shared taxi, which allows savings on the price of the transfer, to be shared with other passengers. In addition, by booking your shuttle back and forth now, you will also save on the price.

Airport Shuttle Service, Paris 
Airport Shuttle Service, Paris

Beauvais Shuttle Advantages

  • The comfort of a taxi at the discounted prices;
  • Online bookings accepted 24 hours a day;
  • Pay the driver in cash;
  • Takes you from the airport to your accommodation;
  • Booking at least 48 hours in advance;
  • Fixed price;

The most comfortable and economical service: The Shuttle

Paris has a really efficient public transport system, undoubtedly one of the best in Europe, but we know very well that it cannot be taken for granted that you have accommodation near one of the bus stops, so you have to change the means of transport and wait to make a transfer. Travelling on board a means of transport that accompanies you to your accommodation is surely more comfortable, especially when moving with your luggage in a city that is not known. Tired of travelling by plane and above all, loaded with suitcases, arriving directly at the desired destination is surely the solution that everyone would like. Above all, comfort is often sacrificed, and in the interests of saving money, public transport is chosen, without considering that more tickets will be paid for travel. By choosing the shuttle service, you will have the benefits of a taxi combined with a really competitive price and often less than or equal to that of public transport. Choose comfort without sacrificing savings: choose the airport shuttle.

All customers, who book the shuttle service, will have to come to the already arranged meeting point . All the detailed information will be shown in the booking confirmation email. The meeting point varies according to the selected airport and the arrival terminal, but is always inside the airport in "Arrivals". Customers, who have already booked, but need to change the time of booking, can do so without additional cost up to 24 hours before transportation. It is very important to know: the shuttle service can also be booked for the return, but in the case of Beauvais airport it is essential to reserve it four hours before the closing of the doors and in the case of the main airports (Charles de Gaulle and Orly), at least three hours before.

The advantages of the shuttle service

  • The comfort of a taxi at the price of a bus;
  • Online bookings are accepted 24 hours a day;
  • Price is locked in;
  • For your convenience you pay in cash to the driver;
  • Experienced drivers;
  • Comfortable transportation;
  • Takes you to the destination of your choice;
  • Book now and save;

Timetables and costs

You can calculate and check the up-to-date prices by filling in the booking form on this page. The costs will be calculated according to the selected airport and the service will be operative in all the main airports of Paris: Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais. The shuttle service is operational 365 days a year (except for public holidays only), from 5:30 to 21:30. Each shuttle will depart from the pre-arranged meeting point 30 minutes after the arrival of the flight. In case of flight delay, the driver will wait for the arrival of his passengers. The shuttle reservation cannot be made on the day, it must be made at least 24 hours before.

Shuttle to and from DisneyLand

Have you booked your hotel at DisneyLand and would like to transfer from the airport directly to DisneyLand? Are you in Paris and would you like to visit DisneyLand? With the shuttle service you can travel from Paris airports to DisneyLand and vice versa. If you wish, you can also book the transfer from your hotel in Paris and be accompanied to DisneyLand and vice versa. The shuttle service is a shared taxi service, which offers its passengers: a direct, economic and guaranteed journey, share your journey and save! Plus, by booking the round trip, you'll enjoy an additional discount.

How to book

To book the shuttle, simply complete the booking form on this page. Fill in your details, the number of passengers, the airport of origin, date and time and finalise the booking by paying a small amount with your credit card. In a few moments, you will receive an email with all the reservation information that you will show the driver before boarding. The client can choose to print the reservation or show the reservation data directly from their mobile or from another electronic device.

Save by booking a round trip

At the time of booking the transfer, you will have to specify if you also want to book the return. Book the return as soon as possible and you will save. In fact, with the round trip booking, in any type of transfer (both airport and DisneyLand), you will receive an additional discount on the final price. Fill in the booking form now to check the updated prices.

FAQ Shuttle

The driver will wait for the passengers inside the airport "in front of arrivals". All information is provided in the booking confirmation email.

Fill in the form and after having paid a deposit by credit card, you will receive a final confirmation by e-mail with all the necessary information included. You will pay the rest in cash to the driver.

The shuttle driver picks you up at the airport and takes you to your accommodation or to the address specified by you during booking. If you also book the return trip, you will receive a higher discount and the driver will come and pick you up directly at your accommodation to drive you to the specified airport.

The driver comes to pick you up directly at the hotel or at any address you have specified on the reservation form.

In the event of a delayed flight, the customer, after having informed the driver, may take the next shuttle. Also in case of flight cancellation, it is essential to inform the driver or customer service.

he driver has all the necessary information to take you to the accommodation specified at the time of booking, so no further details are required. However, it is essential to send an SMS to the emergency number in case of a delayed flight, delayed luggage collection or other unforeseen events.

Yes, the service is guaranteed from the moment you receive the booking confirmation e-mail.

The shuttle transfer can be booked every day from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The shuttle is a shared service with other passengers, therefore, the customer can only carry a 10 kg bag and a purse or backpack.

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