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Discover the beauty of the capital of Italy in the company of a tour guide

Rome Tourist Guide

Visit Rome with a private English-speaking guide

With the Tourist Guide service in Rome you will enhance your holiday by visiting the city in the best possible way with an expert and trained person who will take you to discover all the information about the city's attractions and districts. Visit the capital of Italy as a local, accompanied by expert and highly professional guides. You can spend a few hours in the Colosseum or stroll through the Imperial Forums with your guide, get advice on which restaurant on the Tiber to spend a pleasant evening in, or let him or her drive you on a route along the seven hills. Treat yourself to a memorable trip in the wonderful company of a local guide!

Rome Tourist Guide
Rome Tourist Guide
Rome Tourist Guide
Rome Tourist Guide
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What to visit with the official English-speaking guide

The official tour guides are highly trained, qualified and recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, so they have a proper licence. The tour guides in Rome, who can be booked using the form on this page, know the Italian capital very well and will be able to give you useful information as well as answer all your questions, not only about the main attractions, but also about daily Roman life such as the best restaurants to eat in or the best neighbourhoods to go shopping. Are you interested in discovering the most interesting streets in the historical centre or the best clubs in Trastevere? Do you prefer to walk around the Trevi or San Lorenzo neighbourhoods? Our guides will be happy to suggest the best itineraries for you!

You can choose the best time option for you and you can even ask your guide to meet you directly at the hotel or at the place you prefer, and from there start your tour. Together with your guide, you can choose the attractions that inspire you most. Take part in a fascinating visit to the Pantheon, the monument dedicated to all the gods, or let yourself be guided through the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, or take a leap into the past along the Roman ruins of the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum or the Baths of Caracalla.  

Four good reasons

  • Speaks your language;
  • Fast track into all the attractions
  • In a couple of hours you will discover more than in one day on your own
  • Choose what to visit

How much does the official guide service in Rome cost?

The official guide service cost can be split between all the participants in the group, with the possibility of reducing its costs to a large extent. With our packages you can choose from the following possibilities:

  • 3 hour tour: 150 euros
  • 4 hour tour: 180 euros
  • 8 hour tour: 350 euros

The price of the guide is included in the package, while entrance fees to the attractions, transportation, meals and possible tips are not. Feel free to tell us your preferences to build a guided tour the way you want it!

What to visit with an unofficial guide - Budget service

For those who have a limited budget but do not want to miss the opportunity to visit Rome in the best way, we have a practical solution - the unofficial guide service. This service allows you to save a lot without giving up quality. Our unofficial guides, in fact, are people who live and know the city very well, this allows them to be able to tell you all the secrets that only the locals know, but they will not be able to accompany you inside the places of interest. With them you will be able to admire the external part of the monuments of the city and to follow the routes that attract your attention, without giving up professionalism, all for a very convenient and affordable price. As with the official guide, also with the unofficial guide it is possible to choose the route you want to follow the most. You can spend a few hours walking in the historical centre, visiting Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna and shopping in via Condotti, if you wish you can get lost in the Eur district or even discover the Domus Aurea and the Colosseum.

How much does the Unofficial Guide service in Rome cost?

The unofficial guide service also has a fixed price that can be split between all the participants in the group, there are several packages available on an hourly basis and you do not have to share the tour with other groups:

  • 2 hour tour: 90 euros
  • 4 hour tour: 110 euros
  • 8 hour tour: 220 euros

How to book a guide

Booking a guide in Rome is very simple, just fill in the form on this page. Choose the option you want between the official or unofficial guide, select the day and time that best suits your requirements. The booking service also allows you to let us know whether or not you have the possibility to change the day and to choose the duration of your service. Continue to fill in the number of people, the address of the meeting point with the guide and your personal details. You can also choose whether to buy the tickets for the attractions yourself or to ask us for advice by making a request through the notes. If you wish you can also add a car tour of Rome and combine two services or choose a walking tour of the city. Once you complete these details you will only need to confirm the booking, proceed to make a small deposit by credit card or prepaid card and wait for the confirmation e-mail with all the details along with the guide's phone number. Now all you have to do is enjoy the tour that is going to enhance your holiday!

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