Ara Pacis Museum Tickets

Ara Pacis Museum Tickets

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The secrets of the famous altar representing the greatness of Emperor Augustus

Discover the wonders of Ara Pacis Augusta and the famous monument erected to celebrate the events of the Emperor Augustus and the birth of the "Pax Romana", the golden period when Rome was not involved in military conflicts and which represented the moment of greatest splendour and grandeur for the Roman Empire. The Ara Pacis represents the testament of Augustus, the message to the world of the philosopher emperor. Engraved on the marble of this unique monument are the deeds of Augustus and his message of peace.


The historical background of Ara Pacis

Once located on the road leading to Campo Marzio, the Ara Pacis was erected to celebrate the end of Emperor Augustus' campaigns and the achievement of "pax romana". Inaugurated in the year 9, it was dedicated precisely to the Peace considered as a divinity. Later, it moved to its current location because the threats of flooding from the Tiber. It was the object of many reconstructions and restorations throughout the decades. The last intervention was the reconstruction of the display case by the American architect Richard Meyer, not without the controversy of the Romans because the new and very modern display case stands in stark contrast to the surrounding environment.

What to expect from a visit to the Ara Pacis Museum

The Ara Pacis consists of an almost square marble enclosure, with two doors opening on the sides and a ramp with nine steps at the front. Inside, on a staircase, there is the royal altar. The surface of the enclosure has a refined embossed decoration, both external and internal. The appearance of the Ara Pacis has been reconstructed thanks to the evidence of the fountains, the studies carried out during the excavations and the representations of some Roman coins. The theme of the decoration, as well as the references to mythology, Greek, Hellenistic and Roman art, celebrates the greatness of the achievements of the emperor of the Renaissance of the empire and the "pax romana". Visiting the Ara Pacis is a path that allows you to understand the majesty and vision of the empire of Augustus, his works and the achievement of the maximum splendor and greatness of the eternal city. Augustus' period was one of the most important for the eternal city, an era of great expansion, wealth and artistic and cultural vibrancy. The peace achieved by Emperor Augustus has exponentially increased the greatness of Rome.

How to book a ticket to the Ara Pacis Museum

Booking your ticket to the Ara Pacis Museum is very easy:

  • Choose the date of your visit
  • Select the number of attendees

The ticket will arrive directly to your mobile phone and can be displayed at the ticket office.

Tips and Advice

Ara Pacis usually hosts exhibitions and events of great interest and value, the entrance fee for the exhibitions that are temporarily hosted can be purchased separately at the ticket office. The Ara Pacis is located in a charming place in the historical centre of Lungotevere. When you visit the Ara Pacis, stop and admire the sunset over the bridges of Rome to enjoy the splendour of the eternal city during the sunset.


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