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Public transport in Rome

What types of public transport are available in Rome?

The Roman means of transport are mainly buses, subways, trams and public taxis. Rome has only three underground lines and a network of buses and trams that covers the entire city, including the suburbs. Public taxis are part of the public service offered by the capital mainly during the afternoon and evening. The public transport service is not very efficient and is hardly able to cover the needs of the users, for this reason the Romans use their vehicles a lot making the traffic very heavy.


Rome, in comparison to the other European capitals, has only three subway lines - line A-B with branch B1 and C. The network is still being expanded and work is still in progress. The metro runs every day from 5.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m., on Saturday and Sunday the last departure is at 1.30 a.m. The ticket costs 1.50 euros and can also be used on the bus. The ticket lasts 90 minutes and is valid for one journey only. Daily or weekly tickets are also available. Despite the number of people on the metro, it is the fastest way to get around in the city.


The bus network covers the entire city including the suburbs. Unfortunately, the transportation facilities available are not very efficient and are unable to meet the needs of the users. The vehicles are very old and suffer a lot from the traffic which negatively affects the schedule. When you take a bus you have to take into account long waiting times and that it will probably be very crowded. The tickets for the bus are the same as those for the metro.


Trams are like buses, extremely full, but the fact that they travel on rails makes it easier to move around avoiding car traffic. Tram tickets are the same as bus and metro tickets.

Public taxis

Public taxis are an excellent option for moving around the city especially at night when the metro is closed and there are few buses in service. Public taxis are located in special waiting areas or can be called via application or phone.

Useful tips

There is a serious problem in all the Roman public transport, the pickpockets. This is a serious and real problem that concerns all public tramsport here, such crime is carried out even by children. For this reason it is advisable to pay maximum attention to your bag and pockets. For further information, please visit the official website public transport in Rome.

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