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Rome Taxi

Advice and information on using taxis in Rome

Taxis in Rome are essential for moving from one part of the city to another simply and quickly. Taxis are especially recommended if you are moving at night or in unfamiliar or undesirable areas. Rome does not have a very efficient public transport service, which is why taxis are a great alternative to buses, trams, or the underground. Both public and private taxis operate in the Municipality of Rome, the latter offering a service exclusively by reservation. In this article, we will explain the difference between these two taxi services, prices and how to make a reservation.

Private taxi in Rome

How to spot public taxis in Rome

Public taxis in the Municipality of Rome are recognisable because they are white, with the word taxi on the roof and the serial number engraved on the rear side door. Taxis can be found in parking areas, outside train or bus stations, at airports and at various strategic points in the city. If you arrive at the airport or train station, you should go to the parking area and wait for the next available taxi. If you want to travel to or from the airport, remember that unlike the private service of Airport Taxis in Rome, public taxis cannot be booked in advance and this usually results in waiting before getting into the vehicle. On the other hand, if you have to go from the city centre to the airport, the central office can make reservations. Public taxis are available by phone or through an app. The fare will be calculated by the taximeter, which starts counting from the moment you call to book so when the taxi arrives to the customer it already charges a few euros.

Main public taxi companies in Rome

In Rome there are several taxi companies that work all over the city. The main ones are 3570 and 6645, the Municipality has also made available the number 06 06 06 with its application to search for available taxis. The dispatch centre of each company is available 24 hours a day, every day to offer the best possible service to its customers. When calling a taxi by telephone or the application it is important to indicate your own contact number and exact address, these are necessary conditions for the call to be accepted.

Difference between private and public taxis

What's the difference between a public taxi and a private taxi? The first service mentioned is the public taxi, or the classic white taxi (the cars are always white if you are in Italy) with a regular hourly rate established by the municipality in question, and strictly calculated by means of a taximeter. The private taxi service, on the other hand, is what is commonly known as a hire with driver (ACC). In this last case, drivers can enter the airport to receive their customers only if they have previously received a valid request with all the transfer information and a deposit for the requested service. The big difference turns out to be: the fare calculated in advance and the reception inside the airport.

Useful Tips

Rome's taxi drivers do not have a very good reputation, but we want to assure visitors to the eternal city that, compared to the past, the situation has now improved a great deal. The municipality and the trade associations have worked to guarantee tourists and citizens of Rome a decent and reliable taxi service. Besides guaranteeing a friendly service, Rome's taxi drivers are an inexhaustible source of information about the city. What has not yet been overcome is the practice of illegal activity. The moment you arrive at the station or airport, you may be approached by people pretending to be taxi drivers.

In reality, these people illegally carry out the profession without a full license. Public taxis are located in parking areas and are easily identifiable by the word on the roof, the colour white and the serial number. Private taxis can go to the station or airport to meet customers only if they have a reservation for the service. For your own safety and in order not to have any nasty surprises regarding the cost, you should certainly watch out for these people and contact the public taxis of the Municipality of Rome or a reputable and reliable private service.

Our advice to ensure a reliable airport transfer is to pre-book a Airport taxi from Ciampino or an Airport taxi from Fiumicino service to get to the city centre or vice versa. Private taxis guarantee an exclusive and personalized service. The driver waits for the client at the airport with a sign that shows the client's name and helps him/her during the whole trip until the arrival at his/her destination, taking care of the luggage as well. Choosing a private transfer allows you to get to the city without waiting, comfortably and without stress, because the rates are fixed and locked from the moment you confirm your reservation.

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