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Rome Airport Taxi

Information and bookings

TRome Airport Taxi

Arriving from the city airport with the Rome Taxi service is simple, safe and very convenient. As in many European capitals, it is also possible to get to the capital from the main airports for a fixed price. This means that you will be able to reach your destination for a fixed price that will not change based on the taximeter. Taking a taxi in Rome is the safest option especially if you are moving around at night or if you do not know the areas of the city well. Roman taxi drivers are also an inexhaustible source of information and advice which will help you to get to know and experience the Eternal City in the best possible way for tourists from all over the world. 

The advantages of travelling by taxi

One of the advantages of travelling by taxi is undoubtedly arriving at your destination in comfort and relaxation. In addition to this, if you choose a private taxi in advance, you will be able to have a driver waiting for you at the airport. This service allows you to avoid useless waits at airports and also to arrive quickly and comfortably at your hotel or any other destination in or around Rome.

Airports in Rome

The Vatican City has two airports, the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport that we know as Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport, which happens to be the farthest from the capital. Both airports are operated either by public transport such as taxis or by private taxis.

Distances between Rome - Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino Airport is 50 minutes by car from the centre of Rome, while Ciampino is almost 30 minutes from the city centre.

  • Termini Station: about 40 minutes (30 km)
  • Colosseum: about 35 minutes (28 km)
  • Ciampino Airport: about 30 minutes (32 km)

Private taxi prices: 

Here are some examples of private taxi prices at a fixed price from the airport to the centre of Rome.

  • Fiumicino-Rome: from 7 euros per person (8-seater car);
  • Ciampino-Roma: from 6 euros per person (8-seater car)

The price of public taxis from the airports. 

In recent years the Municipality of Rome has introduced fixed rates for taxis from the airport to protect visitors to the Eternal City, even in public taxis. In fact, the price of the public taxi from Fiumicino Airport to the city centre, inside the Aurelian Walls, is 48 euros. The Aurelian Walls are the ancient Roman wall that limits the historical centre, but calculate well in advance to be sure that your destination is just inside the wall, otherwise the blocked fare rule will not be valid anymore!

How to book a public taxi

Our advice is to book a public taxi for transfers within the city by calling the Rome municipality taxi service. The service is also available through the application for mobile phone or tablet. When calling or booking a taxi it is essential to indicate a full address. Very generic requests without indicating a precise address and without indicating a telephone number will not be accepted. 

Useful Tips

If you have not booked our Rome Taxi service in advance and are looking for a driver directly at the airport, we recommend that you pay attention to any exorbitant taxis. In fact, the official taxis of the Municipality of Rome are white, they have the taxi sign on the roof, the initials on the door, the serial number engraved on the left rear door and the taxi meter. These characteristics distinguish the official taxis. For years, the Municipality and the taxi associations have been fighting tenaciously against illegal trade in the sector. It can be tackled by people offering themselves as taxi drivers outside the arrival gate. These predators are not official taxi drivers of the Municipality of Rome, they are mostly swindlers with unlicensed vehicles who practice the profession illegally. The official taxis are located in the appropriate stations outside the airport.  

How to book a private taxi

Booking a private taxi is really very simple and fast! On this very page you can fill in the online reservation form, or you can contact customer service from 09:00 to 18:00. The customer service is active every day except Sundays and holidays. To make a reservation you will be asked for your travel details, a first and last name to be placed on the sign that will be carried by the driver and the payment of a small deposit which can be paid by debit or credit card. Shortly after paying the deposit, you will receive the confirmation of the service by email and then a message with the details of the reservation about 36 hours before the service.

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