Milan Tourist Guide

Find out why visiting Milan with a tourist guide makes your trip special

Milan tourist guide

Get to know the best of Milan with an official guide!

Are you in Milan for the first time and want to know the best parts of the city and its points of interest? Or have you already been to the city and want to discover new treasures and hidden secrets? Then you can't miss the opportunity to visit the Milanese attractions with an official tour guide or with a companion (unofficial tour guide). This service allows you to tour the city just like a local, guided by expert and highly professional people, as well as choosing the tour you want from those we offer. The tour guide packages have a fixed price and are very practical especially if you travel in a group. In fact, our rates allow you to cover your expenses and not to give up the privilege of being taken through the city by a trained and competent guide.

Give yourself a chance to discover what only local guides know and make your holiday even more memorable!

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Official guides - The service

The official private tour guides of Tourleader are highly trained, qualified and recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, therefore they have a full guide's licence. Our guides know Milan like the back of their hand and will be able to provide you with the necessary historical and cultural information about the city that you will not find in tourist books. They will also be able to answer any questions or queries not only about the main attractions, but also about Milanese life such as restaurants, neighbourhoods, shops and venues. They will be willing to give you advice on where to eat, more private shops where you can have some fun shopping, or direct you to discover a particular neighbourhood.

With an official guide you will be able to choose the tour that interests you the most and tell us if you also want to buy the tickets for the attractions, we will send you the recommended time for the visit and so you can buy them in an easier way. Or you can choose to buy them directly on site with the guide avoiding the queue at the entrance. By quickly entering the attractions you will be ready to learn all the secrets without wasting precious time. If your hotel is in the centre of Milan, your guide can pick you up directly there or advise you on the ideal meeting place to start the tour. If you wish, you can also add a means of transport to your tour and by entering the request on the guide's reservation form, you will be sent the prices of the desired vehicle. With's guide packages you can also choose what you want to visit or be advised by your guide!

This incredible service has a fixed price which can be divided among all the participants of the group, with the possibility of sahring the cost. To check the updated prices of the guide packages we offer you should fill in the booking form on this page.


Four good reasons

  • Speaks your language;
  • Quick entry to the attractions
  • In a couple of hours, you'll discover more than a whole day by yourself
  • Choose what you want to visit


What to visit with an official guide

With the service you will have many opportunities to visit Milan with an official guide. Are you interested in discovering the secrets of the Duomo and climbing its terraces? Or do you want to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of La Scala Theatre? You can choose together with your guide the attractions you want to visit most. Let yourself be involved in a fascinating tour of the Sforzesco Castle with its medieval charm or let yourself be guided inside one of the many museums in the city, such as the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana or the Pinacoteca de Brera. And if you intend to take a walk to discover the charming quarters of the city, no problem: our guide can accompany you and also answer all your questions and curiosities. Below is the list of prices for the official guide service (not including entrance fees):

  • 3 hour tour: 250€ (variable, fill out the form for updated cost)
  • 4 hour tour: 320€ (variable, fill out the form for updated cost)
  • 6 hour tour: 460€ (variable, fill out the form for updated cost)

The packages offered have fixed prices that can be divided among all the members of your group which makes it extremely convenient. Don't hesitate to tell us your preferences so that we can build the tour you want!

Unofficial guides

Please note: the unofficial guide service may no longer be offered.. fill out the form to verify.

If you have a small budget but do not want to miss the opportunity to visit Milan accompanied by an expert, the unofficial guide service is the best option for you. This guide service allows you to save a lot compared to the official guide service, but in this case our guides are people who have lived in the city for years and know it very well, but cannot accompany you to the interior of the places of interest. With them it will be possible to admire the external part of the monuments of the city and to follow routes that appeal to you the most, without giving up professionalism, all for a very affordable and reasonable price. Also the unofficial guide service has a fixed price that can be divided among all the participants of the group, there are several time packages available and you should not share the tour with other groups:

  • 2 hour tour: 80 euros
  • 3 hour tour: 90 euros
  • 4 hour tour: 110 euros
  • 6 hour tour: 130 euros

Shared tour

Another economical option that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a tour guide even on a limited budget is to use a shared tour. This service is not exclusively reserved for your group but more people can join in. Tickets to the various attractions are included in the price, but the availability of the guide who speaks your language may be subject to the time or day of the week. Fill in the booking form choosing the shared tour option to find out about the proposed activities. To see all the tours available, we suggest you visit the page: Tour in Milan.

How to book a guide

Booking a tour guide service in Milan is very easy. In the form on this page you must choose the option you prefer between an official guide and/or an unofficial guide. Select the day you want and the time of day in which you prefer to start the tour. The booking service also allows you to choose whether or not you have day flexibility for your tour and to choose the duration of the tour. Enter the number of participants, the details of the meeting point with the guide and their details; you can also choose whether to buy the tickets for the attractions yourself or buy them together with the guide so that you don't have to worry about that. Once you complete the window with this information it will only be necessary to confirm the reservation by making the payment of a small deposit through secure networks where it will be possible to use a prepaid card or any other type of credit card. You will then pay the difference in cash to your guide. In short, all that remains is to enjoy your holiday! 

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