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Public Taxi


Taxis are undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient way, available at any time of the day or night, allowing tourists to reach any part of the city and for those on business, you can get to your meeting quickly.

Getting around the city with the Taxi service in Milan

Although the public transport service in Milan is fast and efficient, during your trip, whether on holiday or for business, you can still take a taxi. For example, you might prefer a private ride particularly late at night, coming back from one of the many nightclubs, after going out to dinner at a restaurant or simply to get to your business meeting faster. In fact, taxis are certainly the fastest, most comfortable means of transport, available at any time of the day or night, and which allow you to reach any part of the city. Below we show you some useful information when using this service. 

Milan taxi fares 2019

Although it is the fastest way to get to a certain point in the city, taking a taxi is probably the least economical. The call to book is free of charge, but the meter starts counting from the moment the booking is made, so it also includes the value of the route the driver takes to get to you.

Starting rates may also vary according to certain parameters:

  • Daytime fares: 3.40 euros
  • Public holiday: 5.50 euros
  • Overnight fares: 6.60 euros
  • Taxis departing from airports: from 13.30 euros

To get to Malpensa Airport (Orio al Serio and/or Linate) from any point in the city it is better to travel with private taxis at a fixed cost, that is, with prices that are locked in at the time of booking even in the case of heavy traffic. To find out the fare instantly and free of charge, you can enter your starting and destination positions in the form. 


Useful Tips

If you want to use the Taxi service in Milan we advise you to download the ItTaxi application. It allows you to book taxis in different cities in Italy, to reduce waiting times considerably, to check the arrival of the car live and to pay the fare by credit card.

Even though Milan is a relatively small city, it will still be somewhat difficult for you to spend less than 10 Euros for a taxi service, and prices rise significantly for services to and from the airport. To avoid any nasty surprises at the end of your trip, we advise you to use the private taxi service with a fixed price to and from Milan's airports.

This is a service that can be booked conveniently online, safe and guaranteed 100% which allows you to save waiting times and ensures a very advantageous price which does not change based on traffic conditions. 

How to book a public taxi?

You'll hardly ever see a taxi stop at the side of the road to pick up passengers. The most convenient way to book a vehicle, as we have already advised you in the previous paragraph, is to call the specific telephone numbers, such as Radiotaxi, through the application, or finally go to a taxi stand yourself. At the time of booking by phone or through the application you will be informed of the confirmed vehicle code and waiting times. For those who prefer the idea of going directly to the nearest station it is possible to consult the  Taxi rank map in Milan.

Taxi from the airport to the city centre

Taking a public taxi from the airport has the disadvantage of not being aware of the cost in advance as the price is calculated by the meter and often at peak times you risk spending much more money than you budgeted for. On the other hand, by pre-booking your transfer to the airport, that is by booking a taxi in Milan with, you will be welcomed directly in the arrivals area inside the airport and for any airport: Malpensa, Orio Al Serio or Linate the transfer will always be at a fixed price and will be locked in when you book.

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