Milan Duomo Terraces Tickets

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Milan Duomo Terraces Tickets

Being able to admire a city from above has always had its particular charm. From the magnificent observatory of the Duomo's terraces you can explore Milan from a completely different point of view. You can reach the observation point that will take your breath away, by means of an elevator or by climbing the more than 200 steps that will take you to the top. From this vantage point you can admire the statues on the roof of the Duomo and the symbolic Madonnina.

Please read the information below to buy your ticket for direct entry to the terraces, avoiding queues at the ticket office but rather showing up at the visitor's entrance on the day and at the time of your choice.

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What to see at the Cathedral's Terraces

The Duomo, with its white marble facade and gothic style, is undoubtedly the jewel and symbol of the city of Milan. What contributes to its beauty are undoubtedly the decorations, mostly in the part where the terraces are located. In fact, they include a very large part of the surface of the Duomo, to the point of being considered the biggest walkable roof on a cathedral in the world.

The roof is almost 65 metres high. Here you can take a stroll and take a close look at the decorations, statues and pinnacles that adorn it. Some are really monstrous and breathtaking, and others are even dedicated to sports figures!

If you look up, you can also admire the symbolic golden Madonnina even closer, a statue that all Milanese are particularly fond of because it is also visible from other parts of the city.


  • Instant ticket delivery
  • Tickets available directly on your smartphone
  • Available every day
  • Possibility to choose the time of your visit
  • Queue jumping ticket
  • Choice of lift or staircase
  • Free admission for children under 6, reduced admission from 6 to 11

Useful Tips

Even if you do not enter directly into the cathedral, the terraces are also part of the Duomo complex and therefore visitors are asked to wear appropriate clothing. We recommend that you avoid shorts, mini-skirts, bare shoulders and legs. Take a sweater with you, even during the summer, which you can wear during your visit.

Cumbersome items such as prams, umbrellas, suitcases or bulky bags are not allowed inside the building, and since the Duomo does not have a luggage room, we recommend that you find a place to leave such items in advance.

In order to reach the terraces by stairs, there are 251 steps to climb. We suggest that you carefully evaluate your level of fitness when you buy your ticket and opt for the elevator ride if you think the stairs are not for you. We guarantee that both ways of climbing are very pleasant!

To reach the Duomo we recommend using public transport, stopping with the red M1 or yellow M3 metro line at the Duomo station. As soon as you leave the metro you will find yourself facing this majestic building that will leave you breathless. The visitors' entrance is on the left side of the Duomo. In the confirmation e-mail you will also receive instructions on where to go.

How to buy tickets

  • Select the date chosen for your visit on the calendar.
  • Select your desired time slot
  • Check availability
  • Select the number of tickets and the type
  • Fill in the booking details by logging in via Google or Facebook
  • Confirm booking and proceed to payment - all major payment methods are accepted with secure and reliable transactions
  • You will receive the tickets straight to your email
  • You must show the ticket at the visitors' entrance

What is included?

This ticket gives you the chance to climb the Duomo terraces by choosing the option that suits you best. You can buy either a ticket with a climb up the stairs if you are less fearful, or a ticket with a lift if you prefer to avoid making the effort. During the weekends, the ticket also allows wheelchair access.

By filling out the form you can choose the time that you like best among several options, so that you can plan your visit with total comfort.

Please note that this ticket does not include entrance to the cathedral or the museum. If you are interested in learning more about the entire building, we recommend that you visit our page Milan Duomo Tickets for information on this more complete visit.

Opening hours

When planning your trip, if you are thinking of visiting the cathedral as well, you should bear in mind that the latter is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., while the terraces are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The last entrance to the attraction is also allowed half an hour before closing time.

We suggest you check the weather conditions on the days of your visit to avoid nasty surprises. The roof is completely open and you won't have the chance to take cover anywhere.


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