Hotels in Paris

Hotels in Paris

Hotels in Paris

Finding a hotel in an unknown city is not simple, but in this article you will find all the necessary advice to optimize your search and get a really pleasing result! As far as Paris is concerned, there are three aspects that could disappoint a Briton when looking for accommodation: hygiene, the size of the rooms, and the location in a quiet neighbourhood. In this article we will deal with these three issues and give you some advice on some of the hotels preferred by our clients.

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How much does a hotel in Paris cost?;

What is the most suitable neighbourhood for your requirements?;

Useful tips to avoid disappointment;

Tourists' favourite hotels.

Free accommodation search service in Paris

Our accommodation search system uses the system, because we and our clients consider it one of the most reliable systems with the largest number of offers on the market. At the end of this paragraph, by clicking on the link "book your hotel", you will be automatically redirected to the website of in Paris. At this point, you will be able to check among hundreds of hotels, with no additional cost of reservation, free cancellation in 90% of the cases and above all the service offered in English language. Moreover, here we show you some of the hotels at least once in a lifetime, because they are able to give you real and authentic travel experiences.

How much does a hotel in Paris cost?

In general, hotels are always the most expensive accommodation solution, both in the UK and abroad. The average cost of a single room in Paris is 90 euros per night, including breakfast. If you wish to include breakfast, the price increases by about 10 euros per person. Choosing to have breakfast directly at the hotel is a wise decision, especially if you can't find a good place near the hotel. Also from this point of view, you can trust our advice, from our section "where to have breakfast". You will discover several really special places where you can enjoy a fabulous breakfast. Besides, it would be really a pity to meet in Paris and not try their exquisite freshly baked croissants. 

Where is the most suitable neighbourhood for your requirements?

No matter where you choose your hotel, you don't have to worry about the travel. In fact, the extensive Parisian transport network will allow you to move quickly and easily from one part of the city to another, both day and night. After this brief introduction, we will now look more specifically at the best neighbourhoods to stay in:

  • Bastille/Oberkampf: This is a tremendously lively neighborhood, full of active venues during the day, but especially at night. If your desire is to socialise and experience Parisian nightlife, you are certainly looking for accommodation in this neighbourhood. After an aperitif, a good glass of wine and nice chats, this neighbourhood will be really ideal for your holiday;
  • Canal Saint-Martin: A Hipster district that is among the most romantic in the whole city. Here you can spend pleasant nights lit up by the banks of the Seine River, breathe a romantic and fashionable atmosphere, see couples in love walking and moving among the bars and futuristic places in the area.
  • Champs-Elysées: In this upscale neighborhood, you'll find yourself a few steps from the street of the same name and the Arc de Triomphe. A very lively area, always active day and night, significant for the permanent presence of tourists from all over the world;
  • Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis: Two wonderful islands in the heart of Paris. The oldest is surely Île de la Cité, in fact, this is where the history of Paris began. Famous not only for its beauty in Gothic style, but also as the home of Notre Dame Cathedral. On the other hand, Île Saint-Louises is famous for its small shops and many traditional places. Surely, both are a truly magical place to spend your vacation in Paris.
  • Invalides: If you want to spend your stay as close as possible to the majestic Eiffel Tower, so you can observe it from any perspective, this is your neighbourhood! You are also just a few steps from the Musée d'Orsay, Napoleon's tomb and the National Parliament, as well as long avenues and green areas;
  • Trocadéro: If you wish to have the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop for your entire stay, accommodation in this district is the ideal solution. It is a neighbourhood that guarantees a spectacular view of Paris, rich in shops and art galleries;
  • Montmartre: In this extremely multi-ethnic neighbourhood, with the prevalence of Africa and Turkey, there is a truly fascinating air that seems to change the face of every alley you come across. If you choose to stay in this neighborhood, you will be very close to the Sacre Coeur Basilica, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas in all of Paris. Staying in Montmartre is perfect for all those who want to savour the Parisian nightlife.

Useful tips to avoid disappointment

Previously, we have talked to you about some of the most popular neighbourhoods for tourists to stay in Paris, now we would like to tell you a little more in detail what to expect from the Hotel or in general from the accommodation you will choose. To avoid disappointment it is important to know that in Paris there are few buildings equipped with a lift, especially if we choose to stay in the most historic areas. Besides, we are used to a type of hygiene that we will hardly find outside our own country. This does not mean that the French accommodations are not clean, but being a different culture they have very different customs from ours. In many accommodations, we will find carpets and really small rooms, where the bed is almost embedded between four walls. What doesn't matter is how much we will pay, because everything can vary a little, but we assume that in their culture the rooms are very narrow, especially the rooms.

Tourist's favourite hotels

  • Luxury 3 Bedroom Le Marais: It is a Hotel/Apartment located only 500 meters from Place de la Rèpublique, that is, one of the most characteristic and fascinating neighbourhoods in Paris, Le Marais. It is located at 9 Rue Rèaumur, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. It is the ideal solution for those who travel with friends or family and are looking for: accommodation with a kitchen, wi-fi, and a really central position to move around on foot as well. The room costs from 300 euros per night, breakfast not included.
  • Hotel Darcet: The ground floor in old style, might not be cozy, but we assure you that the atmosphere changes radically in the upper floors, where you can appreciate modern furniture and a really cozy wooden floor. It is a really magical and silent place, where you can spend your holidays and above all, a few steps away from the Arc de Triomphe. Here you can enjoy a spectacular breakfast with the croissants of the boulangerie right in front of the hotel. It is located at Rue Darcet, 4 and the price per night starts at 87 euros.
  • Hotel France Albion: A clean and comfortable hotel at the foot of Montmartre. Located at 11 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette, it has a wide selection of rooms from 100 euros and free Wi'Fi. Breakfast is not included in the price, but with a supplement of 12 euros, you can enjoy a large sweet and savoury buffet.
  • Hôtel Palais De Chaillot: A hotel located on Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 35, a few steps from the Trocadéro and equipped with a wide choice of rooms starting at 90 euros. The rooms are soundproofed, with TV, free Wi-Fi and breakfast made up of fresh baked goods is included in the price.

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