Bed and Breakfast in Paris

Bed and Breakfast in Paris

Bed and Breakfast in Paris

The ideal solution to fully experience the Parisian atmosphere is to stay in the Chambres d'hôtes, i.e. a Parisian Bed and Breakfast.

You can choose from a wide range of options, bearing in mind that the price difference is minimal compared to hotels, but breakfast is always included and you will be able to learn more about Parisian customs and hospitality.


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What's the average price of a B&B in Paris?

How do I choose the neighborhood where I want to stay?

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The Bed and Breakfasts recommended by the tourists

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Choosing accommodation in an unfamiliar city is not always easy. You may be afraid that you will not be able to identify the ideal neighbourhood or the perfect hotel or you may simply want to find the most cost-effective solution. Our accommodation search system is based on the system, which allows you to compare hundreds of offers in a few seconds. Look through the millions of opinions and easily choose the ideal solution for your accommodation.

How much is the average cost of a B&B in Paris?

The prices of the Bed and Breakfast in Paris, are not very far from the prices of the hotels but unlike the latter, they always have breakfast included in the price. The difference seems minimal, but being able to wake up with the smell of breakfast in the air certainly makes the moment of waking up sweeter for anyone! Looking closer: a double room can cost on average between 90 and 100 euros. Unfortunately, for single travelers the price of a single room does not vary or varies only by a couple of euros. While the Bed and Breakfast, becomes the ideal solution for groups of friends or family, but not all facilities have beds for children. 

How do I choose which neighborhood to stay in? 

After having chosen the type of accommodation, you will begin to wonder in which neighbourhood it is best to stay. Paris is spectacular and magical from every perspective, but one of the features that makes it so fascinating is precisely its ability to radically change face from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. So in order to choose an option that fully reflects your personality and above all the theme of your trip then, it becomes important to get to know the neighborhoods that make up the city better. Let's say that there are no inadvisable or dangerous areas, but if you prefer a stay free of disturbances and in complete relaxation, it is best to avoid the extremely touristy areas such as the centre of Paris, between the first and third arrondissement, which are also the absolutely most expensive areas. If you want to experience the Parisian nightlife, it is best to choose the Marais or Montmatre districts or if you want to try the famous French-style aperitifs, then choose the Bastiglie. On the other hand, if you want to see the Eiffel Tower when you wake up and buy excellent French baguettes in one of the many shops, then choose the Invalides or the Trocadéro neighbourhoods. Whatever you choose, far or near the centre, it will not be much different, because with the Parisian transport system, you will be able to move from one point to another in the city without any worries. To help you find your way around the metro, read all our advice, which we have written for you in the article Metro and RER.

Helpful Tips

What are the differences between the rooms in the accommodations in Paris and in Britain? You must bear in mind that many of the properties are not equipped with lifts, especially if you choose to stay in the more historical areas. For this reason, don't take the lift for granted and if it is indispensable for you, choose only properties that specify the presence of the lift. The rooms are really small, the room will be practically embedded between four walls, but this is their way, whether it is a hotel or a private apartment. In fact, many properties specify the size of the rooms and in many cases it will be possible to opt for a larger space solution by paying a small fee. Another detail that cannot be neglected, most probably in your rooms you will find the carpet so loved by the French.

The Bed and Breakfast recommended by the tourists 
  • Ayette and Bernard: The establishment takes its name from two special Parisians, managers of the B&B located in the 19th arrondissement, in Rue des Solitaries, 4. In this delightful establishment, you will be welcomed by the most authentic Paris just a few steps away from the Buttes-Chaumont park and near the Eiffel Tower. The accommodation has 3 rooms and offers discounts for small groups. The rooms cost from 90 euros for a single room and 95 euros for a double room, obviously with a delicious breakfast included in the price. 
  • Eiffel Tower panorama view: From this building you will have a wonderful view of the city. You will taste your breakfast, prepared with fresh oven products and you will have the wonderful Eiffel Tower as a background. Located in the 15th arrondissement, in Rue Emeriau 22, rooms are available from 80 euros per night with breakfast and wifi included in the price. 
  • Grand Studio: We are located in the 5th arrondissement, a few steps from Notre Dame and more specifically in the quiet Rue Tournefort, 26. Here you have not only the possibility to stay in the real heart of Paris, but also to choose a room with a view of the garden and enjoy a very special breakfast. The cost of the rooms starts at 90 euros per night and includes breakfast and wifi.
  • Les Toits du Marais: This B&B, as the name itself tells us, gives its guests a special view of the Parisian rooftops in the Marais district. A unique and fascinating taste in style, in the friendliness of the owners and above all, with the very special breakfast. Located in Rue de Turenne 39, it has two bright rooms with an average cost of 95 euros per night.

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